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Tips on preparing for a Video Interview

Hello everyone. I hope you are all keeping well.

If you are job searching at the moment and are lucky enough to bag and interview then more than likely it will be via video because of the virus.

So today I am going to provide some simple steps on how to prepare for a video interview. Lets start with..

Step 1: Preparing for the interview

Well you prepare for a Video Interview exactly as you would any other interview

By Checking out the company’s website and knowing about the products and services provided. It is a very good idea to check out their competition also as this will make you look like you have broad understanding of the industry as a whole.

Try to get an understanding about the culture of the company by looking at any social blogs they may produce.

If you are going through a recruitment agency see if you can get any info on who may be interviewing, you on the day and check to see if they have a LinkedIn account.

They may have gone to the same college or secondary school as you and this could be something you could mention in the interview. Anything that can create a rapport between you and the interviewer is always a good thing.

It will also help you to decide what to wear for the interview as a suit may not always be the best choice. Now don’t get me wrong you must always look polished and well put together for any interview.

Make sure you know the Job specification very well and that you can gone through it line by line and linked it back to your CV/Resume where possible and be able to pinpoint where you have experience doing what they are asking for. Then prepare for the usual interview questions such as ‘Tell me about yourself?’ or ‘Why should we hire you?’ There is a vast amount of resources available on the internet so make sure you use them. Don’t waste your time or the interviewer’s time by not being prepared.

Step 2. What to wear?

Make sure that you do not choose anything too bright or too busy? You do not want to make your interviewer dizzy and distract them during the interview. The best thing to do is to take a quick picture or video on your smart phone and check to see that you look good an do not blend into the background.

Step 3. Check the techie stuff?

So you have done your preparation and know what to wear now it is very important that you ensure that there will be no technical issues on the day. You will look very unpolished and unprepared if you spend the first few minutes messing with settings.

Firstly, find out what platform will be used for the interview is it Zoom or Skype or some other piece of software and make sure you have downloaded any software you may need well in advance of the interview process.

Check that your webcam is working and not covered up and that the audio is turned on and that you can be heard. Make sure that the webcam is at eye level. This may mean putting your laptop on a box or a book to raise it up a little. You do not want them looking up your nose during the interview.

Make sure you choose you background well. Plain is best with muted colours and nothing which will distract the interviewer from you during the interview such as an untidy bedroom or dirty dishes in the sink.

Next check the lighting is correct. Natural light through a window preferably from the side or in front of your laptop is the best. Turn off any overhead lights as these will be unflattering on video.

Also make sure that your chair or couch is not right up against the wall move the chair or couch out a little from the wall as this will create some depth and you will look better on the video.

Again my advice is to take a quick video in the outfit you will be wearing in the location you have chosen for the interview and double check everything looks good

Step 4. No background noise please!

This is a point all on its own because it is extremely important. So if you have young kids try and get the other half to take them outside to the garden well away from you during the interview.

The last thing you want is kids walking into your space in the middle of the interview or kids fighting in the background.

The same goes for pets no barking dogs or cats walking on your keyboard. This will distract the interviewer and will do you no favours during the interview.

Step 5. Try to keep your energy levels up right to the end of the interview.

Interviews are exhausting at the best of times and you don’t want to fizzle off towards the end of the interview.

Also always make sure that you have prepared some questions for the end of the interview.

It is not a good idea to say ‘no I am good’ when they ask if you have any questions to ask them.

Remember you want them to know that you really want this job and are very interested in the position so prep a few questions to ask at the interview.

Feel free to ask them what the next stage will be, if there will be a follow up interview a