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No Experience - Try A Work Placement

Hi everyone just a quick blog today to talk about the option of a work placement. On the course that I give in Co. Leitrim Ireland we provide clients with the option of a one day work placement. We complete their CV and provide them with a letter introducing them as one of our clients and ask the employer to provide them with a work placement.

I am finding this to be a very useful way of getting people jobs. You get to show off your skills and personality without any real pressure.

If you are changing careers or have just completed a course and lack relevant work experience it can be very difficult to get going in your new profession. I highly recommend that you pick out a few companies that you would like to work for and offer yourself for a work placement. Explain how you have just retrained in whatever area and show them your CV and politely ask if they would be so kind as to help you out with getting some valuable work experience for a few weeks/months. If you are receiving social welfare let your case officer know and perhaps offer to work part time or 3 to 4 days a week so that you give yourself time to apply for a job that pays while you are completing your work experience. Don't forget to insert the work placement that you are doing on your CV and include details of what you are learning in your new position.

Give it a try, it just might lead to you getting your dream job. Have a great day.


Mary Nash O Brien