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Content Marketing with & Buffer

Hi All. Just recently met up with a friend for a coffee and Learnt all about and Buffer to help with my content marketing.

I highly recommend that you check these tools out. The basic versions of these tools are FREE to use and are very useful in helping you provide interesting and useful content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Each website gives you a step by step guide on how to use them. Basically lets you capture an interesting article or your blog post and post it on your social media platforms. When someone clicks on your article they will see a small pop up appear at the end of the screen this will contain your picture and a link to your landing page. I use this when I am tweeting and it provides a link back to this website. I also post on my Facebook Pages and On LinkedIn.

Choose articles which are relevant to your niche and articles which you have read yourself and would find useful. Buffer allows you to schedule your snips or other posts so that you can load say 10 snips or posts and buffer will control when they are published.

You can get great articles on websites such as, etc. It can be difficult to constantly try and come up with content for you social media sites especially if you are trying to finish websites or if you are doing some training so these tools are a huge assistance.

This will help get your name out there and is something that I enjoy as it makes me read more articles produced by experts in their fields.

I have included an affiliate link for below buffer does not have an affiliate program as far as I can see but you can join for FREE at

I hope you have found this Post useful have a great Thursday

Mary Nash O Brien