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Interview Questions - What Experience Do You Have ?

For this question you need to know have looked for and studied a job specification for the job.

You need to know what your skill set is. Download my FREE Word Document on the Free Downloads Page if you need help with this. This will help you to understand what exactly are transferable skills and which ones do you possess.

A typical answer might be:

'I have worked as an Office Manager now for over 6 years. Every year I do on-line courses to ensure I keep up to-date with the latest releases of the software packages that I typically use in my job everyday such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. I can type at a speed of 45 words per minute. I have a very pleasant telephone manner and I also have extensive knowledge of Sage Accounts and have stepped in to do the payroll whenever the finance department have required my help. I make sure that the office runs smoothly and that everyone is aware of where they have to be what equipment is required in what office. I have excellent IT skills and I am involved in the set up of equipment for every meeting when required. My job is to make everyone's job easier and I think that I excel at that'