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The Road to Success

Most of us know by now what we need to do to get on the road to success but sometimes we need a gentle reminder and if you have fallen off the cart again it is time to get going. Here are 6 Steps to success that I try to practice everyday and pass onto my clients in my group sessions.

Step 1 - Banish Negative Thoughts. Saying affirmations to yourself in the mirror for a few minutes each day and then changing to negative thoughts for the rest of the day simply will NOT Work. Master your thoughts and banish anything negative that pops into your mind. Many believe that thinking negatively about yourself and others can cause disease in the body. Remember your subconscious mind accepts what you are saying as true and can eventually attract corresponding events and situations into your life so get wise and choose to think positive statements only.

Step 2 - Do not underestimate the power of exercise. If you are like me and tend to be more negative than positive and have to work at keeping your mind positive then invest in a good pair of trainers and get walking or slow jogging or hiking whatever floats your boat. Exercise will banish the negative thoughts, it will make you more creative and when you are physically healthy you will like yourself more. When you are eating unhealthy foods, not exercising and you no longer can look in the mirror at your body it is time to take action. Physical health will lead to mental health. We have known this for hundreds of years now but sometimes we still need to be reminded of the importance of making time to exercise, believe me it is worth it!

Step 3 - Another Coach that I follow on line called Carolyn Hansen has stated on one of her e-books 'Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference to your life' Check her out on-line great advice and loads of free advice available from Carolyn.

The following are some of the affirmations that Carolyn recommends saying in the morning and also just before bed. Keep it simply and short if you like and just choose one of these:

  • I set my goals and reach them. Success is a way of life for me

  • I am resourceful. I have the ability to do whatever it takes to succeed

  • Each day I get even better at clearly visualizing the best of myself and my future in my own mind. I visualize it, I act on it and I make it happen.

  • I have faith in myself

  • I live each day with an attitude of gratitude

  • I am strong, fit and energetic

  • I look good today

Just a small sample provided by Carolyn Hansen. Write them on a piece of paper and stick them on your bathroom mirror and repeat them daily just remember to try to think positively through out the day and the minute you are aware of negative thoughts distract yourself and try to think of something positive. Some of you may say what a load of nonsense and I used to also believe me! but all the top successful people will state that positive thinking and visualization are key when it comes to being successful in life

Step 4. For God's sake TAKE ACTION.

You can think positively say all the affirmations you can find but if you don't write down your goals in life and start to take action towards achieving them each and every day nothing will happen.

So read a book, post a blog go for a walk, watch a free webinar, try posting and Add on Facebook if you have a product or service for sale.

Link with like minded people on LinkedIn, sign up for a fitness class or meet someone that you feel will give you some good advice on your career and buy them a coffee. Just Do something small each day and watch how it improves your mood and your day in general.

As human beings we need to see progress in our lives whether that is a fitness goal or a career goal it really doesn't matter. The years fly by so make each one count. At the end of each year make sure you can say 'this year I achieved the following....'

For too long now I am meeting clients in my classes you are approaching retirement and they say well 'I always wanted to be a nurse but life got in the way'. This makes me so upset, don't let this happen to you. We will all have obstacles to overcome in life whether they are physical or financial or emotional but there are usually alternative ways to achieve our dreams and our task is to find them out and pursue them. Just don't give up, make each year count.

Step 5. You are not too old to change your career in your 30's, 40's or even in your 50's.

If the average person is now working until they are in their late 60's you are only half way through your working life in your 30's you have over 20 years of work left in you in your 40's and 15 or so working years left if you are 50.

Wouldn't you rather spend it working at something that you enjoy doing and you feel will fulfill you. Don't be old before your time and take action now!

Step 6. ''If I was granted one wish at this moment, and I knew this wish would absolutely positively be granted what outcome would I wish for?''

I see this question quoted on a lot of coaching websites on the internet and in books written by coaches. It's a good question to ask yourself if you are unsure about what you really want in life. Take some time and think about it it will be worth the effort.

Have a great day everyone. I am going to make an effort to blog more consistently. I hope you will pop back next week for a new blog post.